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Not much information on this artist.   Just listen.  That's all you need to really know.

Free Floating Music exists to release and promote serene, peaceful ambient music–music that grows out of and flows through the silence around it, sculpting spaces for reflection, repose and rejuvenation.

All music released through Free Floating Music is available for free download via Creative Commons non-commercial licenses.


 Crows Labyrinth is an ambient project, conceived by Theo Tol from the Netherlands. The aim of the project is to create ambient cinematic soundscapes using solely bass guitars and effects processing. The soundscapes preferably have to be created in one take, one improvisation, one flow of sound. 

Project founded by Harnes Kretzer and Christian Pensel (Lucid Sky).  It started summer 2013 as an experiment to bring ambient music back to stage. "Music for the moment"; music that is born intuitively in improvisation and an extraordinary way of treating instruments. -Facebook page

Los Angeles-based ambient electronic music project by Nathan Stack, the Los Angeles-based musician behind Autohypnosis. The debut Shadowy Lines album, Mindless Pleasures, was released May 8, 2014.

The term musical alchemist best describes modern music composer Robert Scott Thompson. Combining his mastery of the electroacoustic, contemporary instrumental, and avant-garde genres into a swirling cohesive whole, he is an important pioneer on music's new frontier. Hailed as one of the most important composers working in electroacoustic, acousmatic and classical ambient music today, he has produced and published seminal work since 1976. -Aucourant Records

Social scientist, mathematician, small business owner, electronic musician, photographer - Valdis Krebs' Twitter page

American-Latvian researcher, author, and consultant in the field of social and organizational network analysis. He is the founder and chief scientist of OrgNet, LLC, and the creator of InFlow software, which Wired Magazine called one of the most advanced tools for analyzing and visualizing networks. -Wikipedia

Soiled (aka Marcus H.)

He processes old TV samples and gnarly Grunge loops, and sounds like he's prepared to get his fingernails grubby in the process. Synths fly about the mix like bluebottles, and there is a general air of ambient terrain subject to heavy showers of old junk. All quite refreshing really, in its reversion to long neglected tactics.

Third proper album by Soiled aka Marcus H. You cannot define him as purely electronic as he uses non sequenced analogue sounds to compliment the electronica noises -David Stubbs in The Wire magazine


I still consider myself somewhat of a beginner synthesist in that I’m not much of a “techie” (ie,  using a DAW, sequencer, MIDI setup all connected together etc. ), instead preferring the spontaneity of live performance and hands-on, real-time tweaking of the synth itself.

As you can probably tell from most of my demos, I usually like to play music in a more “space ambient” style comprised of long sustained pads, arpeggiators, resonance, reverbs and delay. I find this style allows me great freedom to tweak a synth’s various parameters, play with effects to create new sounds, and create emotional soundscapes that are pleasing to my ear and which take me (and hopefully, the listener) on an emotional journey through electronic music.